The Kavera Promise

To make adventure possible for all who dare seek it.

Simply put, we stand behind our products! Our gear is designed to take abuse and last a long time. We use the best materials possible and carefully inspect each piece of gear for the highest quality before shipping it off to you, the customer. 

Warranty on Gear (non apparel items): Because our gear is made by hand by us personally, we take every possible action to ensure that the gear you purchase has been made to the highest standard. We meticulously check for the highest quality and only send gear to you that we are 100% confident in. 

All of our gear items have an unconditional 1 Year Warranty from date of purchase. This means that if for any reason your gear item fails under normal use, we will replace it free of charge. We will not replace gear that has been intentionally altered to fail. We are confident in our products and if you take care of your gear, it will last many seasons of adventure.  

Warranty on Apparel: Apparel items have a 30 day return policy for items that have not been worn or washed. There is no warranty on apparel, which includes t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. All apparel sales are final and no refunds or exchanges will be given for items that have been worn, washed, or altered, or have passed the 30 day policy.